IMG 6476 200x300 TeachingDr. Swaminathan teaches Carnatic saxophone using a blend of instrumental and classical vocal traditions adopted from his gurus Dr. Kadri Gopalnath and Sri T.N. Bala. His curriculum is straight out of the traditions of Purandara Dasa with an emphasis on fundamental musical development (rhythm, tone, pitch), instrumental technique, and composition.

Sumanth has conducted lecture demonstrations and full concerts at the university level. He teaches locally in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware tri-state area, and he continues to conduct remote lessons with students across the United States and abroad.

Sumanth Swaminathan conducts remote and in person classes on both a private and group basis. His curriculum lays out a practical map for becoming a competent practitioner of South Indian classical saxophone. Music studies with Dr. Swaminathan are divided into three phases:

1. Introduction to Carnatic Saxophone:

  • Saralai Varisai, Janta Varisai, Geethams, Swarajatis, Varanams.
  • Technique for playing gamakam.
  • Swaram texture and tonguing techniques.
  • Broad sweep of different thalams and ragas.

2. Intermediate studies

  • Krithi studies.
  • Enhanced focus on technical development for producing gamakam.
  • Focused swaram/patterned exercises specifically for carnatic saxophone.
  • Increased exploration of krithis and composers.
  • Emphasis on active listening of carnatic music.

3. Advanced Studies

  • Introduction to Raga alapana and kalpana swarams.
  • Advanced fingering and tonguing techniques.
  • Focus on music research and dissection of concert manodharma.

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